About Us

"Extractum Quislibet Infideli"  
NSAT&T - National Surveillance Agency: Telephones & Terrorism
About NSAT&T
NSAT&T is an independent, non-government organization and is in no way affiliated with any branch of any government or any company that provides telephone or telegraph communications services.
Our Mission
Our mission statement is simple and speaks for itself: "Extractum Quislibet Infideli".
Employment Opportunities
We are always looking for the best, brightest, and most patriotic individuals who want to be part of our elite team.

Please note that individuals who appear in our database, or those who are in any way afilliated with them, can not be considered for employment, as they have not yet been completely cleared of suspicion related to terrorist activities. If you are related to anyone in our database, whether by family relations, marriage, or if you simply have a similar name, please do not submit an application for employment.
You may email us at info{at}nsatt.org.