Anti-Terror Tips

NSAT&T - National Surveillance Agency: Telephones & Terrorism

Because your safety and security is our first concern, we recommend the following tips to help fight terrorism:

  • Use email software with strong encryption to prevent terrorists from reading your email
  • Encrypt the files on your computer using strong encryption such as PGP to prevent terrorists from accessing your files
  • Avoid proprietary, closed-source operating systems and applications, which are vulnerable to exploitation by terrorists. Instead, use an open-source OS and open-source applications
  • Keep your computer up-to-date with the latest security updates to prevent terrorists from gaining control of your PC
  • Use a stable, secure, open-source Web browser like Firefox to prevent terrorists from exploting vulnerabilities in the browser that came with your computer
  • Browse the Web using an anonymous proxy to prevent terrorists from seeing what sites you visit
  • Insist that electronic voting machines provide you with a traceable paper receipt so you can ensure that terrorists haven't altered the electronic ballot
  • Refuse to use documents such as passports and drivers licenses that contain RFID chips which can be scanned remotely by terrorists who could then steal your identity
  • Subscribe to publications such as this one to stay informed about, and learn to avoid, the latest security vulnerabilities that are susceptible to being exploited by terrorists
  • Join organizations like the Electronic Frontier Foundation which fight to keep your online rights from being undermined by terrorists who may have infiltrated the government and who attempt to pass legislation to take away your rights
  • Join organizations like the Free Software Foundation which promotes your right to freely access the information on your electronic devices and control their behavior, and to prevent terrorists from assuming control of your electronic devices without your permission
  • Contact your favorite government representative (senator, congressperson, president) and insist on laws that provide stiff penalties for terrorists who illegally collect, reveal, or through negligence cause to be revealed, your personal information
  • Report all behavior, especially if it is suspicious