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NSAT&T - National Surveillance Agency: Telephones & Terrorism
Name Ramsey, Misty
Address 189 Kristie Circle NE
Crawfords, NH
SSN 227-78-XXXX
Phone Calls
Date City Country Who Phone Number Duration
16 Dec 2004 al-Malikiyah Bahrain عثمان حمديّ 34257XX 01:35:17
05 Jan 2003 Quriyat Oman حكمت نعيمة إبراهيم مديحة 77595XX 01:18:59
10 Mar 2002 Khirokitia Cyprus أنيقة سماح نجاح 25382XX 01:03:12
28 May 2001 Beirut Lebanon سليمان سلوى زهرة 98684XX 00:45:32
27 Oct 2000 Al Khuwayr Qatar نعيمة فاطمة 51476XX 00:28:43
25 Jan 1999 Qasr-e Shirin Iran  هيام حمد إبراهيم 49863XX 00:11:55
26 Jan 1997 Salmiya Kuwait بلال نادية 32116XX 00:55:26
19 Jan 1996 Marsa Matruh Egypt فهاد عبير 36908XX 00:39:17
Date From / To Who Email Subject
21 Jun 2006 To عيسى عبد الرحيم جواد xxx@xxxx.eg **
02 Jun 2006 To خلف جاسم هبة xxx@xxxxxxxxx.tn **
10 May 2006 To سهير غيث فاطمة xxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxx.sd **
01 Apr 2006 From أيمن شريف عبد المجيد xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.ly **
16 Mar 2006 From إبراهيم مشاري xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxx.kw **
07 Feb 2006 From حمود عبد الكريم أمين قصي xxxxxxxxxx@xx.cy **

** This information is not displayed for privacy purposes

Web Sites
Date Time IP Address URL
21 Jun 2006 06:18:33 199.39.42.XXX www.******.com
26 Apr 2006 01:19:27 78.15.248.XXX www.*********.com
04 Feb 2006 20:59:04 112.14.151.XXX www.***.com
27 Dec 2005 19:52:55 142.22.73.XXX www.**.com
24 Oct 2005 06:39:17 124.97.86.XXX www.************.org
25 Aug 2005 18:36:41 10.71.237.XXX www.****.net
Threat Analysis
Based on the destination and duration of phone calls and email messages sent and received, this individual is considered to be a significant risk of terrorist threat. Read our tips on fighting terrorism.

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