Terrorism Information for Kids

NSAT&T - National Surveillance Agency: Telephones & Terrorism

Can You Spot the Terrorist?

Click on the picture of the person below who you think is a terrorist:

Wrong! The person on the left is an undercover government agent who is dressed like a terrorist to infiltrate their organization. Looks can be deceiving. Try again.

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Hi, kids!

"Terrorism" is a hard word to say.
Don't let terrorists scare you away.
Can you identify one today?
We'll show you the way!

Terrorists come in many SiZeS.

Do your duty and help your country
by reporting terrorists to NSAT&T.
Don't worry--it's fun and easy!
You can do it in 1...2...3!

Terrorists come in many Shapes.

Do Mom and Dad spend time away?
How do your siblings play?
Do your friends and neighbors pray?
Watch them all closely, okay?

Terrorists come in many colors.

If you see someone suspicious,
click here to report them to us.
We value your faith and your trust.
All together now: "freedom or bust!"